Sunday, April 27, 2014

And the winner is...

... No. 77...
have no idea how to get the numbers on the side of the comment, so I had to count... 1 2 3 ... 76 77 tada... It's Susan with her sweet comment to win the Just Bag with the Vintage Bathing Suit, the mug and the pen with my purple hexies on it.


Please send me your adress and you get your win :-). 

Have a great Sunday all of you...



  1. lucky Susan, she is the best so I don't mind that she won instead of me. There is a tutorial somewhere with the numbering stuff, I will find it and email you the link.

  2. The tutorial for numbering is on Lynne's blog - Lily's Quilts. At least the way I number my comments is there and it is very easy and works a treat. Thank you so much for the prize and for making inspirational things.

  3. Congratulations, Susan! I'm envious. ;)

  4. Congratulations, Susan!!

    Laura Jane ( emailed me a 'how to' for numbered comments a while back - shout if you'd like me to send you it!


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